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tiistai 26. toukokuuta 2015

Research Blog Challenge!

I'm pretty sure 'research blog' is a collocation.
I mean, it is a thing, isn't it?

The scene may have had a slow start and the chasm between academic and popular writing might still be considered way wider than it actually is, but we are getting there! One day, the lists of academic publications will have designated spots for online presence!

But it is not this day.

Try as I might, I couldn't find any blogging challenges tailored to research blogs: no reading lists, no photo challenges, not even questionnaires! Fashion blogs, travel blogs, diary blogs, knitting blogs, reading blogs and all the other self-respecting blog genres seem to have their own tricks for sharing experiences and tacit knowledge. And so should we!

Research bloggers of the world, I challenge you all to complete these 10 writing tasks that will translate the joys, the pains and the reality of academic work into the universal language of social media: sharing.

(I leave the scheduling entirely up to you, because I know how it is. One week there's drought and the next week there's flood.)

The tasks:

  1. Show us what you do! Try to capture your day's work in a photo. Explain if you like.
  2. Three things you dislike about your work. Complain! For once. (But be nice.)
  3. Workspace: what do you absolutely need to get into the zone?
  4. Name a song that describes you as a researcher.
  5. What got you into research/your field? Lifelong calling, sudden epiphany or chance?
  6. List all the work-related books you're currently reading (or pretending to read).
  7. Best conference ever (from your past or from the Ideal World)
  8. Meanwhile in the alternative universe: If you didn't work on the field you are working on, what would you research instead?
  9. Favorite academic journal (Why wouldn't you have one?)
  10. Three things you love about your work. Because you do love your work. You wouldn't be blogging about it if you didn't.
Also, remember to challenge other researchers to do the same! And leave a comment (with a link to your blog), if you're in!

I'm challenging my office mate Katja!
And all the participants of the blogging course I've been attending at my university's Language Center! The course is concluding this week and it has been instrumental in getting this whole thing started. (I've actually blogged for years, but not under my own name, not about my job and not in English, so I needed some spurring.) 

You should definitely have blogging and other popular writing classes in your grad school, too, if you want to be one of 'em cool kids!

And so the gauntlet is thrown! I'll try to pick it up next week.
The flood is up to my hips right now...

3 kommenttia:

  1. Challenge accepted! I challenge you back!

  2. I think I'll try this too!

    (Eksyin blogiisi pitkästä aikaa, ja muistin tämän haasteen olemassaolon taas.)

    - Anna-Leena